Re: {NEWBIE] [WIN95] Help!!!

From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 11/10/97

Hobsie wrote:
> Okey i have tried that but it still cant find these files =(
> strings.h
> unistd.h
> sys/wait.h
> sys/cdefs.h
> features.h
> machine/ansi.h
> I can send the complete error log that the compiler spits out.. =P
> But its rather long..
> I have doine exacly what the web site..
>  says..
> But no luck..
> I herd that i should run the "\msdev\bin\vcvars32.bat"
> file but are it needed when i run the windows copiler and not the dos based
> nmake command?, well im sorry if all these questions sounds dumb! But i
> "really " did compile the circlemud once for a friend and i still got the
> exe file circle.exe for win95 but i just cant seem to get it to compile one
> more time =P humm.. well im not the one that giva up the first time i get a
> fall back.

lo again:

As i said the first time, you don't need these files.  If you come into
errors that say they need these files: you don't have something setup
right.  (i will exclude the utils from this as they are just that
utils)  chuckle, i remember the first time i ever tried compiling the
mud, the docs just don't seem to cut it (well, ok, so they have to cut
through a thick skull) and being impatient.

I suggest reading the windows readme doc yet again.  It should mention
renaming a few files so that it will compile correctly under windows.
(it does--trust us).  Make sure that you renamed the correct files and
then goto dos and compile as i said before by running the vcvars32s.bat
(this sets compiler variables into memory) then goto the src directory
and type nmake.  IF you renamed the correct files...and IF the .bat file
didn't return an error, and IF the IMPs from about deem is so, you will
get a compilation without those files.




If you still can't get it to compile after trying this and whatever the
docs say, give me an email, i'll setup a stock mud and make a batch file
that'll do absolutely everything you need.

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