Odds and Ends

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 11/10/97

Mon Nov 10 16:25:46 :: delete_room: Deleting The Gods' Mortal Board Room (1203).
Mon Nov 10 16:25:52 :: delete_room: Deleting The Entrance To The Newbie Zone (18600).
Mon Nov 10 16:26:00 :: add_room: Added room 18600 at index #1838.
Mon Nov 10 16:26:00 :: OLC: Azalin edits room 18600.
Mon Nov 10 16:26:20 :: add_room: Added room 1203 at index #31.
Mon Nov 10 16:26:20 :: OLC: Azalin edits room 1203.
Mon Nov 10 16:26:26 :: delete_room: Deleting Immortals R Us! (1203).

Generic OLC functions add_room() and delete_room() (hopefully) finished.
I'll be finishing up the rest of the room-type functions and then release
something for people to take a look at.

Another enhancement for bpl13 I thought up was to add the line number and
file that all of the log messages are on.  This way the person would know
*exactly* where that message was coming from and would hopefully figure
something out from it.  While it won't help locate every problem (because
not all originate where the message is) it will give people an idea what
errors mean and where to start.

Nov 10 16:38:28 - comm.c:467 :: Setting player limit to 300 using rlimit.
Nov 10 16:38:28 - comm.c:270 :: Opening mother connection.
Nov 10 16:38:28 - db.c:239 :: Boot db -- BEGIN.
Nov 10 16:38:28 - db.c:241 :: Resetting the game time:
Nov 10 16:38:28 - db.c:349 ::    Current Gametime: 2H 25D 11M 213Y.

Another idea (due to the fact I'm sitting idle often) was to add the time
the log was generated to mudlog().  And because of the occaisonal paranoia,
I put what level the log message was visible also, so things look like

@33 16:40:28 [ (GC) Azalin reset entire world. ]
@31 16:41:26 [ Azalin has quit the game. ]

I'll send these to Jeremy shortly to see if he likes them, along with the
search_block() one.

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