Re: Am I alone...? [OLC Promo] [LONG!]

From: Co-Sysop (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM)
Date: 11/10/97

At 02:11 AM 11/9/97 -0800, you wrote:
>On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Chris Proctor wrote:
>->Obviously some people have had different experiences to me.
>->For me, writing the bulk of the object in a few seconds in a text editor
>->(I mean really, how long does it take to type in a line of numbers?) is
>->just fine.
>->Basically building is pretty simple with the format I'm using, so I'm
>->going to stick to it.

I like text editors.  They are slow (but most of writing .wld, .obj, and
.mob files for my MUD is descriptions so the building speed (for me) would
change about .0001%) especially if you haven't memorized the format and all
the bitvectors and such.  I have never used olc.  I have never cared to.  I
think I have said this before but just in case someone missed it...

>Naturally there will be faster things created in the text editor than
>in OLC.  But, conversely, there are some things that are easier to
>build in OLC than in the text editor.  But I suppose I did confuse the
>issue; it is faster to do things in the text editor when you know
>where everything goes.  But, for builders in common, it's much faster
>to use OLC.

Quantity is only better than quality when it is money (as long as you can
tell its a $100 bill I don't care what condition it is in ;) ).  When
building new zones you will want to have a lot of them built very quickly
and the easiest way is to use olc.  But!  While your builders are playing
around building zones they are also on the MUD.  Maybe there are some
people they know playing at the time and your builder is talking with them
and building a zone.  This leads to a lot of poorly written zones by
builders who just didn't give the task the attention it needed.  I would
much rather have my builders just send me their zone for me to review.  I
look at it and if it isn't written well and looks like it was written in 5
minutes at 2 AM I send it back and say 'Great zone, but it just doesn't cut
it.'  Then I recommend what a few revisions or ask that some things be
changed (a newbie bat that does 15d20+100 damage will have to be changed
just a little bit).
If anyone can make building new areas an annoying its me.  But I think I'm
a lot better about building than the imps that say 'I want lots of areas.
Build them as fast as possible so I can say I have a lot of original
zones'.  I make zones that are high quality and are part of the overall
story of the MUD (some aren't part of the story but are well written and
enjoyable so they are put in).  I have seen MUD's that boast all original
zones but I have to wonder how much time they actually spent writing them?
Originality is good but you should try to make your original zones at least
as good as stock ones (which are ok but could use a rewrite here and

>->Mine's running through a 33.6k link, and sharing with 3 other muds as
>->well as other stuff.
>Oh, that explains it.  But you would hardly need a T1 to get a better
>link than that...:)~  Start killing off admins of the other muds.
>That'll drop the traffick on the link dramatically....ummm, not to
>condone murder.  Typically, mild torture does the trick and is more

I guess now would be a good time to mention that while torture can be fun,
it is illegal.  Violence is a good solution to a lot of problems but I find
that throwing money at will often fix most problems.  Last time I checked
they didn't have computers in jail so choose your solutions carefully.
But this is off-topic.
A few seconds of lag isn't really as bad as it sounds from a player's end.
That is considered "Bad lag" but it could be worse.  I remember being on a
MUD with about 10 players on and about 5 minute lag.  There did happen to
be a problem with their server at the time so it wasn't really that bad
(took me a while to quit though...).  But you should also reconsider using
letting your MUD run with the kind of connection you have.  I could have my
MUD running on a similar connection (but I would have the only MUD on that
server) but I have decided not to because I think if the players are kind
enough to choose my MUD they deserve as little lag as possible.

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