Re: [HELP] [ODDITY] A strange pid running along with circle & autorun..

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 11/11/97

My guess would be that these are other occurances of
autorun that are running. I've had this happen before..
could be from alot of different things..
Usualy from typing autorun or nohup autorun&
while it's already running. The port is in use
so it goes to sleep and tries again in a minute.
I don't really have an answer as to what caused
it but those were actually different images of
autorun in 'sleep' mode.

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, Will Andrews wrote:

> My MUD's group has found that an additional
> couple of processes run along with circle
> and autorun... it's called "sleep 60".. and
> one time, there were like 1,500 of these
> running, and they took up 85M of memory
> (reportedly, this is a quote from the sysadmin,
> who restarted the machine to get rid of them).
> The OS is FreeBSD 2.2.5-STABLE, and we are
> running Circle 3.0bpl11+OasisOLC 1.5
> Any help would be appreciated.

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