Re: [code] Spell Purify "Nov 14, 97 08:04:52 am"

Date: 11/14/97

> On Thu, 13 Nov 1997 16:28:50 +0000 "Soren P. Skou" <serces@MUD.DK>
> writes:
> >On 13 Nov 97 at 8:05, Edward Glamkowski wrote:
> >
> >Next spell must be Flesh->Stone And then Stone->mud, Purify
> >Food'N'Water.. *DRINK YOUR OPPONENT!*
> >
>     Heh, that's a pretty cool train of thought there, I might try that in
> D&D sometime.
> Lord Chaos
> ObCircle: I'm trying to Imp a function that allows people to get body
> implants(this part works), I'm having a heck of a time figuring out how
> to be able to sell the item, I think I need a different sell function.
> The item has a NO_REMOVE flag, and the mob that sells it to you is
> supposed to take only IMPLANT type items only. Just a ponderance, what
> does ObCircle mean?

        The "Ob..."  line is one of those "netiquette" things from
the Usenet.  If a user felt compelled to talk about or follow-up to
a subject that had nothing to do with the newsgroup topic, they would
end it with an "ObRealSubject".  Then, they would talk briefly about
something that actually is the subject of the newsgroup.
        One of those `net things, I guess...
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