From: Tom Whiting (twhiti@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 11/15/97

I managed to change the levels in the mud quite perfectly(woohoo) all
except for one small problem.. I have max level set somewhere around
10000000  (for imps) and for some reason I can only get 700000 of that
to show up on the score screen.. It's still giving me the imp powers
just not the imp score that it should be..
Has anyone else had this problem, and if so... what can be done to
correct it?? my imp level is set to 64 (the highest in the mud at the
moment), no experience points are above max exp, but it's still not
showing up correctly.  Unfortunately, if it does go by score, the other
levels will have to be readjusted, because it won't go above 700k..
any one have this problem??

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