Re: OLC Problems

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 11/17/97

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Chad wrote:

>        We have run into a problem with our OLC I am hoping someone can
>give a idea or two on.  It mainly happens in our zedit(we run Oasis) we
>will place a mob in zedit to load in a room and it will load in a
>different room. [...]

Sounds like OasisOLC v1.3, you should upgrade to v1.6a.  The zedit sneaking
problem was fixed in v1.5.

> [..] Or we will use gedit to set guilds and on a crash/reboot
>the mob set in gedit switches to a different mob from another zone.  If
>anyone has any clue on this we appreciate it :)

Sounds like you need to update 'medit' so that it will adjust the 'gedit'
tables when you create a new mobile.

>        The other problem we are having is something with save.  Once in
>awhile(not all the time) *.zon files will be cut off in the middle of a
>room desc. Certain player *.obj files will be wiped ETC.  This doesn't
>happen all the time but when it does things tend to get ugly :) .  The
>extreme to this is we had a *.zon file vanish the file exists just all the
>info in it is gone.  It doesn't seem to mess with the *.wrld files at all
>just *.zon .

If the MUD crashes in the middle of writing it will do that in Oasis v1.3
but not in later versions.

>        I am not the coder for the mud our coder is on a RL break to get
>some things taken care of.  If anyone here is interested in helping us
>debug these (and more) problems feel free to telnet to
>6692 or email me at the addie above.  If you telnet in look for Vaire or
>Wrathchild(me) and we can see what we can work out!

I'll fix any problems you have with OasisOLC but I can't do anything about

Now for the question:

Any objections to putting the social editor on the ftp site into the basic
OasisOLC distribution?  If not, v2.0 will have it after I do my normal
reformatting, fixing, and updating.

And of course, any other suggestions for additions are welcome. (Or
removals, I'm trying to get the improved editor patch to be an independant
but supported entity.)

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