[CODE] [IDEA] Body parts

From: Will Andrews (ironwill@CARDINA.NET)
Date: 11/17/97

        I have been interested in developing a system in which individual
body parts can be targeted and manipulated, such as arms, legs, etc... The
main reason for this is for realism. Warriors could have skills such as
"sever" which has a small chance of removing the targeted body part,
permanently. If a warrior were to target your right arm, which held your
sword, you would drop your sword when your arm got severed. This also opens
up another spell/skill for Clerics... such as flesh regeneration, or even
transfer wound...the cleric would then be missing the arm, and the character
missing it would not. If anyone has developed such a system, input would be
wonderful. :)

Thanks in advance,

Will Andrews (ironwill@cardina.net) (andrews@technologist.com)
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