[CODE] [OLC] [HELP] Strange room-door problem

From: Will Andrews (ironwill@CARDINA.NET)
Date: 11/17/97

I created a door between 2 rooms, one room to the north of the
door, and another to the south. Then, one day, a user on the
MUD complained that he could not open the door, and when I
checked it, it seemed rather strange that BOTH of these
rooms had the RMFLG(*) in place. I removed both (*) flags,
deleted the exits, and recreated them. To my surprise, a
preset room exit-to was in place instead of (-1). The room
number was (1200), just in case. I changed the exit-to's to
their proper rooms. But, when I saved the room(either one,
and after both were created), I could not look south, for
all the MUD would say was, "You do not see that.", and if
someone tried to go south, it would say, "You cannot go
in that direction." To make it more complex, when I
removed the door from ONE of the two rooms' configurations,
I *could* look south/north from that room, and see that the
door was closed/open. If the door was closed, I attempted
to open it, in vain, as the MUD said, "You do not see that."
If the door was open, you could go north/south to the
adjacent room.

This whole thing has got me _*confuzzled*_, and any help would
be appreciated. ;>)


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