Re: Improved Editor Addition

From: Erwin S. Andreasen (erwin@PIP.DKNET.DK)
Date: 11/18/97

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, David Klasinc wrote:

> > and even better, how you think it should be done, to save memory,
> > and speed (searching and doing Strcmp()'s is costly to the CPU i assume)
> > and any ideas on how to speed it up (hash table comes to mind but i'm
> > not to sure how to do it)
> Uhm, how about taking a look at code for ispell? Ispell is a very nice
> spellchecker, anyway, I think that the biggest problem would be then
> getting the dictionaries and maybe for each builder having a personal
> dictionarie.... ec, etc...

Just run ispell, there's a way to run it so it will accept words via
stdin and output results to stdout.

I've sent the code for this to the MERC mailing list a while ago; I've
made the letter available on my Letters page, at

I never got around to integrating it with an editor however; currently
it's just a command you can execute and then get the relevant output from
ispell. Unfortunately, we are right now 1-2mb below out 32mb memory quota,
and ispell takes up 2-3 :)

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