Re-doing the Communications...

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 11/19/97

Have been kicking around the idea for a while of redoing the communcation
code. Not really asking for help, just wondering if when I was done if
anyone would be interested in it as well besides Hulainn who stopped by
last night. =)

Basically it would add a new structure onto the player system that would
contain the information for that character:

chanon = yes/no
chancolor = (color string here)

And maybe some other things. Basically this would allow you to add in
channels a lot easier and remove the use of so many PLR_/PRF_ flags (I
forget what's stock, I use both, somewhat buggily but fixing that atm). It
would also add customization of what colors you see what channels in.

Again, are any others interested so I'll actually go and make a patch
*forewarned, it would be intended for ascii pfiles, you would have to
switch the saving info to stock pfiles yourself* and if so what info would
you like to see in there as well?

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