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From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 11/19/97

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, Drago's wrote:

>I am currently trying to automaticaly save my OLC work when I save internaly
>(ie skip all the *edit save ** stuff).  I should probably insert a call to
>*edit_save_to_disk after the *edit_save_internally(d); call but there is one
>problem.  I am having trouble in passing something to the function.  The
>prototype calls for int zone_num.  I have tried passing zone_num but it
>doesn't recognize this, I have tried ZON_PREFIX but it says that it passes a
>pointer without cast, I have tried (d) but had the same problems, and I am
>currently out of ideas to try.  Any ideas?

Q: What does redit_save_to_disk take?
A: A real zone number.

Q: Does redit_save_internally ever compute a real zone number?
A: Yes, on the last line of the function.

Q: What is that last line?
A: olc_add_to_save_list(zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].number, OLC_SAVE_ROOM);

Q: Which part of that line is the real zone number?
A: Guess. :)

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