Re: New Patchlevel by Turkey Day

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 11/19/97

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, Nicholas S. Wourms wrote:

>Speaking of which, it might be nice to have a new patch level released
>sometime before thanksgiving.  Jeremy is, of course, trying to release one
>every 2-3 weeks ;).

-rw-rw----   1 greerga  users      190078 Nov 19 21:51 bpl13-grandiose.patch
Give him a break, I've sent him over 180k worth of changes. ;)

Here's the current Changelog I have for bpl13, note that some things won't
show up that I have listed here and there may be other new things.  Some
things may even change, who knows, it's not released yet.  (For one, that
awful file:line log change I thought of will not be there.)

This is what I currently have, if you don't see it, I haven't tried to add
it and probably will not unless you inquire.

(NOTE: Preliminary Macintosh support means I did everything except the
filesystem changes which are also very required.)

******** Patchlevel 13 ***************************************************
-- gg - magic.c:mag_summons(): Fixed animate dead and clone.
        spell_parser.c:mag_assign_spells(): Added animate dead.
        utils.h:IS_CORPSE(): Defined.
-- gg - spec_assign.c:ASSIGNMOB(): Changed the redundant real_mobile() call.
-- gg - mail.c:write_to_file(): Fixed problem where mail file would be left
        open if the filepos was not a multiple of BLOCK_SIZE.
-- gg - castle.c:assign_kings_castle(): Fixed a memory problem where we
        would be writing to mob_index[-1].func if a mobile did not exist.
        This is most noticeable in mini-mud mode.
-- gg - utils.h:CAN_SEE_OBJ(): Fixed loophole where lower immortals can
        'stat' items of invisible immortals and see their name if they are
        online.  This also follows the line of thinking that if you can't
        see the person, you can't see the objects they have either.  Also
        fixes doing a 'where' on objects to see if a 'someone' shows up
        to detect higher level invisible immortals.  Reported on the
        CircleMUD mailing list.
-- gg - interpreter.c:one_argument(): Can now handle a NULL pointer.
-- gg - handler.c:obj_to_char()/obj_from_char(): Do not set the PLR_CRASH
        flag on mobiles or they are flagged MOB_STAYZONE when given objects.
        Reported on the CircleMUD mailing list.
-- gg - mudpasswd.c/showplay.c/purgeplay.c: Abort if the pfile is a different
        size than we expect, as per the main mud code.
-- gg - act.comm.c:is_tell_ok(): Added.
        act.comm.c:ACMD(do_reply)/ACMD(do_tell): Modified to use is_tell_ok()
        to prevent replies while writing or to PRF_NOTELL people.
-- gg - graph.c:ACMD(do_track): Don't bother to find_first_step() if the
        player failed their track skill anyway.  This avoids removing the
        ROOM_BFS mark from every room and searching for the victim even if
        they will not be successful later.
-- gg - utils.c:get_line(): Set the buffer to NULL if there wasn't anything
        read in.  Fixes a problem reported by Andrew Helm <>.
-- gg - mail.c: Changed 'return 0;' to 'return NULL;' where appropriate.
        mail.c: Changed 'no_mail = 1;' to 'no_mail = TRUE;'.
-- gg - act.movement.c:ACMD(do_move): Allow changing the position of the
        movement commands. Only do this if you do not use the guildguard
        special procedure or anything else with IS_MOVE() because they
        will break, badly.
-- gg - interpreter.h:IS_MOVE: Had hard coded directions, fixed.
        This is still broken with regard to moving the directions around.
-- gg - everything: Replace IS_SET macro with appropriate xxx_FLAGGED ones.
        Also introduced OBJVAL/OBJWEAR/EXIT _FLAGGED macros.
-- gg - utils.c:log()/mudlog(): Removed day of week as it is unnecessary.
-- gg - spec_procs.c/limits.c: Changed to use IS_CORPSE().
-- gg - Automagical dependencies added.
-- gg - act.item.c:perform_remove(): Can no longer remove cursed equipment.
-- gg - comm.c:main(): Initialize dummy_mob to all 0's just in case...
-- gg - everything: Now has a customizable logging file for people using
        Windows 95.  The default is still to standard error, see config.c
        to change it to a file.
-- gg - config.c/limits.c: New variables, idle_time_rent, idle_max_level,
        and idle_void for customizable timeout renting. Suggested by
        Rasdan <rasdan@PEAK.ORG>.
-- gg - everything: Seek and destroy mission for << and >> where it should
        logically be * and / (ie: Not doing bitvector work).
-- gg - handler.c:affect_modify(): A suggestion for class and level added.
-- gg - everything: Made language C++ friendly.  Also adjusted 'const'
        keywords in constants.c for correct linking.
-- gg - interpreter.c: Removed old 'extern ... titles[]'.
-- gg - class.c/magic.c:saving_throws[][][]: Moved to class.c.
-- gg - Makefile: Fixed my typo which caused a circular dependency.  The
        automagical routines are now also applied to the utilities.
-- gg - utils.c:log()/mudlog(): Include line number and file of the message.
        utils.h: Changed mudlog() to #define and made mudlog_real()
-- gg - utils.c:mudlog(): Added time of message and at what level was the
        message visible.
-- gg - Changed all \n\r to \r\n to abide by the telnet specification.
        (Original patch by John Evans.)
-- gg - comm.c: touch() and remove() KILLSCRIPT_FILE to prevent the
        problem with many CircleMUD instances trying to run over and
        over and over and over...
-- gg - Merged in preliminary Macintosh support by Dean Takemori
-- gg - comm.c: A large number of the system dependant includes are
        already accessible via HAVE_blah_blah defines in sysdep.h so
        I have commented them out for possible removal later to make
        things look much less complicated.  If things break due to
        this, fix the conf.h file for that OS.
-- gg - comm.c: set_sndbuf(): Fixed undefined reference problem by
        moving the #if...#endif inside the function which will
        reduce to 'return 0;' if we don't need the function.
-- gg - comm.c: process_output()/write_to_descriptor(): These
        functions are really ugly.  Is there a EAGAIN in Macintosh?
        If not, we could #define EAGAIN to EDEADLK for Macintosh and
        use the existing Unix code...
-- gg - Forgot to include the ! history patch but I updated the
        TODO list a few days ago anyway...duh.
-- gg - class.c: Saving throws are now a function just like experience.
-- gg - class.c: Thaco chart is now a function also.
-- gg - interpreter.h: IS_MOVE(): Fixed, moving directions should now
        theoretically be safe although not tested in practice.

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