Re: adding new levels

From: Anthony J rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 11/20/97

ok first off just let me say Flaming is for babies, its unneccessary i
think and thinks you say like that makes you look more stupid than i.
 Its very simple, if you think the question is stupid then simple just
delete itand dont respond, DUH!

 i have said in many questions i have reported that i was trying to
relearn and that i was a newbie. Maybe just maybe i dont have a c book or
i cant afford a c book and trying to learn anywayz.
 Bu since my mommy and daddy dont fork over money to me i dont have that
luxuary. I really think you guys need to grow up.
 If ya want to help fine, its greatly appreciated, other than that just
leave it at that.
 Many other qeustions i have asked ,but i have figured out my self.
i tried to ask a simpl question and this is what happens?
  Maybe there SHOULD be a mailing list for newbie coders. just for people
like me and others like me.
 Specially since Experienced coders act like this.

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