From: Anthony J rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 11/20/97

Well since i really dont know how to code i thought i would at least start
out with just trying to add 6 new levels to stock.
 here is what i got:
 i have edited class.c

 else (level <= 29)
 return 7;      /* levels 29 - 35
I am sure everyone gets this even if i typed it in wrong *shrug*
after this though i added 6 more #'s to thaco chart.
 and at the title i added this

 {".", ".", /* exp level */},
i did this 3-4 times
and then after this its goes to immorts
 i add this to all the classes.
so here is my question is there a code a need to add other than this?
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/* Simple yes or no question */^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Q2: Is there another file i need to edit other than structs.h(which i
already have)?
when i run make i get no errors other then from the olc vnum warning: that
it might be used unitiallly.
 and when i autorun i get as far as picking a name and password, but as
soon as i pick a class the mud crashes, i have read the syslog.CRASH and
no unussual errors in there, i have noticed it cant find syslog.1 -.5 ,but
i quess thats common with all mud *shrug*
 ********NOTICE************ If you feel this is a stupid question and A
need to Flame just hold your breathe and count to 5 and delete message!
 Thank you !

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