Re: adding new levels gone off topic, and onto flaming

From: Anthony J rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 11/20/97

On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, Drago's wrote:

> Anthony,
> I started right where you are about a month ago.  There a a few things you
> can do to get better. Doing stuff with your code is #1.  If you have any
> programming experiance, look around and try to see why things do the things
> they do. If you have access to a good internet broswer (or any text broswer
> should work too), there are a million and one tutorials on the net (free of
> charge) and work 99% as well as a C book.  Here is a site with a good number
> of tutorials to choose from. (Get used to the C syntax, its wierd at first.)
> Hope this helps.  And don't let flamers get you down, it happens.  Just
> delete the message and realize that it hasn't hurt you in any way.  Just
> delete it and go on.
> Chuck Reed
 i have forgotten about them :) ,becuase i am happy that i found a book
called "Teach Yourself ADVANCED C in 21 days" for only $6.00 ,when its
priced at $35.00 . I havent began reading it yet since i just got back
from getting it. Thank you chuck I bow to you *bow* .

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