Re: [CODE][NEWBIE]Couple of questions 97 01:13:54 am

From: Nynaeve Al'Meara (nynaeve@PIONEER.EUNET.FI)
Date: 11/21/97

> It is not?!?! I think it should be.... Shees it would be a bit stupid,
> that you go and rent in the cloud city and then you pop up on midgaard
> square or in the temple wherever, when you come back in the game....
> *scratch* Did I missed something?!

Yes, you missed the bit where you make renting not posssible anywhere but
in designated receptions, and that you return to this same reception when
unrenting, also i think if you quit, you quit. -> rem all, drop all, drop
all.coins, quit ;)

Nynaeve, the merciless hunter for common sense.

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