Re: adding new levels

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 11/21/97

[There's an ObCircle at the bottom of the post, for those willing to
 stick around.]

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Anthony J rye wrote:

->i like this idea! I have been on this mailing list a while (almost a year
->i'd guess), i have not had a C book till now i was learning C about 2-3
->months ago or more ,but when your about to go bankrupt and have to sell
->all your possessions

Oh, shut-up.  I mean really, we all feel sorry for any unenviable
situation you might be in, but this is ridiculous.  I can hardly
imagine myself nearly going bankrupt and selling all my
possessions except over $1000 worth of computer equipment,
which would cut down on expensive electricity bills, and ISP fees.
This is nothing but a ludicrous plea to make people feel sorry for you
and perhaps help you.  Call me cruel, call me jaded, call me an
asshole, but I call you pathetic.

->and havent been on the net in X amount a time and was
->learning alot then and then forget, its fustrating trying to relearn

I wasn't anywhere near programming or the Internet for 2 and a half
months over the summer, and while I was initially rusty with
terminology, etc., I still knew what in the Hell I was doing.  I still
knew how to read.  You're not relearning anything, you're begging
people to teach you how to do things.  If you had half a brain, you
could recall the majority of things you did know.  Just like I haven't
rode a bike in years, but I imagine if I hopped on one, I could still
ride it fairly effectively.

->the Obnoxious pple down you becuase your are trying to learn, which i may

*You* are the obnoxious person, constantly going on about how poor you
are, and how you can't afford a decent book, and how you once knew a
lot of this stuff but managed to forget it, and how people are so
mean to you.  You are incredibly disrespectful to the people on this
list.  And as far as your unfortunate situation goes: I don't buy it,
and I find it annoying to constantly see these messages of yours on
the list.

No-one is downing you because you're trying to learn.  People are
getting pissed off because this isn't the place to learn C, and this
isn't the place to post obnoxious pleas for help.

->add if you dont ask questions and you dont know what your doing, or even
->have ever seen C before in your life and you do want to learn pple are
->going to ask questions,

Fine, ask questions.  I don't give a damn if you ask questions about
how do this or that in C.  But ask them where they *belong*.  It
doesn't take a fvcking rocket scientist to figure out that if the
square doesn't fit in the circlular cut-out, you don't go shoving it
in there.

-> My point is when you was in school did your teacher sit in a chair and
->flame you because you want to learn? or if you asked a question?

Do you see any teachers here that have agreed to teach you?  Are any
of us getting paid to babysit you?  Do CS teachers tell you how to
write the all-important English essay?  Is it considered learning if
the student asks the same rudimentrary questions continuously?

We're not here to teach you how to use common sense, to feel sorry for
how poor you are, or to teach you C.  We're here because we want to
be, and because Alex is kind enough to maintain the list.  There's
already enough BS on this list without you (including my BS).

->-learning is the key to knowledge, but asking questions helps
-> you in the learning process.

Talk about a base attempt at intelligence.  The Socratic method has
always worked better, anyway.

I think it a bug--or at least, confusing behaviour--for 'stat' to only
show the bonuses to saving throws.  Might I propose changing it to
display like:

  AC: [10/10], Hitroll: [ 2], Damroll: [ 0]
  Saving throws: [28+2 / 9+0 / 13+0 / 23+0 / 8+3]

Or something to that end, that would clear up some of the confusion
concerning what exactly you are seeing.

daniel koepke /

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