Re: adding new levels

From: Ron Cole (rcole@SHELL.EZY.NET)
Date: 11/21/97

> about it. The point is dan i am trying to learn and no matter if its you
> or the President of the U.S trying to stop me (by flame i mean) I will
> Learn the C coding.

No, the point is, that this is a Circle mailing list, not an introduction
to C mailing list.  Anyone attempting to run a Circle mud, is assumed to
have a basic grasp of the language, and if they don't they should go and
get one before they try to run a mud.  Or, atleast get someone who does,
and have them come here to ask questions.  When you ask basic C language
questions here, it annoys people.  And annoyed people with free time on
their hands are likely to voice their displeasure.  (Yes, a router is down
to the mud I code on and I've got too much free time... :-)


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