Re: Name of CircleMud

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 11/21/97

At 03:33 PM 11/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
>On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, David Klasinc wrote:
>>Ok, why then machine? *grin*
> I suppose that's what the administrator felt like
>naming it when he made them up.

  Yes, you are correct in that instance, George.
circle (don't know why, prolly b/c there was a somewhere)
cs     Computer Science (most likely)
jhu    John Hopkins University (this should be correct)
edu    (same reason com is at the end of commercial sites and org is at the
end of
        organization-related sites)

I do believe that is correct.

Akuma the Raging Coder

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