[New Levels]

From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 11/22/97

>Oh, shut-up.  I mean really, we all feel sorry for any unenviable
>situation you might be in, but this is ridiculous.  I can hardly
>imagine myself nearly going bankrupt and selling all my
>possessions except over $1000 worth of computer equipment,
>which would cut down on expensive electricity bills, and ISP fees.
>This is nothing but a ludicrous plea to make people feel sorry for you
>and perhaps help you.

+1 for the devil's advocate.


While we are *on* the topic, I've read the level.doc for adding new
levels and i remember somebody saying that they couldn't get it to work
right or something.  I just unpacked the stock code again and stepped
through the document and within 1hr (including snacks :P) i had
everything all done.  My question is to *whoever it was* what exactly
did you have problems with?  errors? not understanding? alien abduction?



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