Re: Design issues: Obj progs

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 11/22/97

> 1. The SMAUG way:
> obj progs have their own triggers and such, uses a master "slave mob"
> which will has its names/etc set to the object's, and loads into the room
> the object is in.  It runs the progs/etc.

i would probably do it this way for the sole reason that i don't want to
have to cut and paste the mobprog code, then go back through it to make
sure i didn't miss anything..also, this is how i've done room
progs...basically just set up an intangible mob, and have it do the dirty works out very well..

> BTW I plan on releasing these to the public once I'm done, in the same
> manner I released my ROM2.4 prog system that I ported to Circle.
> Speaking of which, has anyone actually used it, and do you like it?  Any
> suggested improvements?

i was never able to get it un-binhexed, so i never got to look at it :)


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