races and olc

From: wolf (wolflover@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 11/23/97

okay, here's the deal
I've been running circle without olc for a while.. In order to get olc
into circle, I pretty much  had to scrap everythign, start over again,
and deal with it from there.. I don't have a problem with this, was up
till close to 6 am doing it, even.. Unfortunately.. I can't get the race
file to work.. Every time I get to the end of the makefile (where it
goes over all the object files again and re-compiles the bin areas and
whatnot), I find that  I get the following error using bpl12  and olc v6
Whereas, without it, I don't have this problem.. any clues as to how to
go about fixing it?? I've spent quite a bit of time on it this evening
to no avail, checked out both files that it pertains to (act.wizard.c
and interpreter.c), and it still gives me the same error message.  Like
I said, I get it  to work without olc, but not with it..
any clue??

heres the error message
gcc -o ../bin/circle  comm.o act.comm.o act.informative.o act.movement.o
m.o  act.offensive.o act.other.o act.social.o act.wizard.o ban.o
boards.o  castl
e.o class.o config.o constants.o db.o fight.o graph.o handler.o  house.o
eter.o limits.o magic.o mail.o mobact.o modify.o  objsave.o olc.o
random.o shop.
o spec_assign.o spec_procs.o  spell_parser.o spells.o utils.o weather.o
oedit.o zedit.o  medit.o sedit.o  auction.o color.o clan.o  -lcrypt
act.wizard.c:2424: Undefined symbol `_parse_race' referenced from text
interpreter.c:1554: Undefined symbol `_race_menu' referenced from text
interpreter.c:1560: Undefined symbol `_parse_race' referenced from text
*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1

you can see for yourself what it's doing.. I'm clueless.. any help

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