AD Coder needed

From: Mark Drozd (Mierkos@WORLDNET.ATT.NET)
Date: 11/24/97

Hi all,

I wanted to post an add for an opening for a coder position on my mud.  The
present head coder has not been on in 2 weeks and things are getting a
little overwhelming for me.  I know my way 'round the shell account, and
know some basic c principles, but no way am I ready to try and run the mud.

This post is hard for me, 'cause I'm friends with the head coder, and am
worried about him, but I fear I'll lose my builders if things don't change.
 I will not offer a head coder position, til I'm sure he's not going to
reconnect, if that happens then certainly I'll offer a head position.

Ok, nough bout that, here's what the mud's all about:

It's a circle based(obviously), all-original mud, with about 10 active
builders.  We are in alpha testing, and have 2 zones completed.  A complete
history and cover art have been done.  We are trying (depending on the
coders we can find) to do major changes in the stock code.  Most builders
on this mud are all 5+ years mudding experience, though not necessarilly as
builders.  We are looking for quality not quantity.  We plan to open to the
public in a couple of months, but only for test play to check the code, and
also to have a few people on (it get's boring having only immorts all the
time).  We plan on taking our time and not really open to the public
(codewise or zonewise) for about a year.  Also, we do things on a group
basis, ie we sit down and discuss how we want the mud to go, though I do
have final say in matters, I haven't found the need to exercise this right
even once so far, and would rather keep it this way.   We are all dedicated
to putting out one of the best muds on the net, but do realize this will
take some time to accomplish.

If you're interested in what you see for our mud, then contact me at:

I warn you though, it's going to be alot of hard work, and I'm thinking of
getting two coders as we definately could use the help.

In closing I'd like to add, we have some of the best builders (mud
knowledge and ideas) I've seen assembled, but are weak on the coding
aspect.  We do know the directions we wish to take, but don't know how to
get there without a strong coder.

I'd like to add that our coder (the one that's not been on) is very good,
but we're not sure what's happened to him as none of us know him in RL, we
can only hope for the best, and try not to worry too much.

I know this was long winded, and I appreciate your time,

Implementor of the Chaos Dimension

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