Removing levels

From: j f chaos (jfchaos@JUNO.COM)
Date: 11/24/97

  I've been toying w/ this idea for a few days now, and would like some
input as to your opinion of this type of system.

  First, I remove all levels from the game and keep the exp.  Then have
the player buy their skills w/ the exp they gain form the mobs, they can
also buy their hp/mana/move with their xp also, lower their ThAC0, etc.
I think this would be an interesting way to play a mud.

Also, I'm trying to Imp a function that allows people to get body
implants (this part works). The implants have a NO_REMOVE flag, because
it would make sense to be able to rip out your own implants. I'm having a
heck of a time figuring out how to be able to sell the item, I think I
need a different sell function. Either that, or I need to write a check
to see if the item has IS_IMPLANT and NO_REMOVE, then have it remove the
NO_REMOVE flag, and take it away.

Lord Chaos

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