Re: [NEWBIE] descriptor_list

From: Mark Dickey (mark@BESTWEB.NET)
Date: 11/24/97

Thanks, although the do_users didn't help, your asking me made me just
look through the code a little more, and I just figured out how it all
works.  (BTW, it is set up really well).

Anyway, just so you know, do_users and do_who is what got me interested in
how it works.  Now I can get it to be really cool.

Thanks all.

Anyway, here is my little comment:

right now the list of connections in structs.h around line 209 doesn't
have all possibilities.  What if, instead of flagging a character
somthing, it used bitvectors or something.  That way you could have all of
the different types of things the players can do in one place instead of
haveing the PLR_FLAGGED thing.  Hmmm.....Although it would make it a
little harder for somethings to be coded, those things which include
playing, could just add their value to the existing value of the varible
and it would work.

Also, it would require that that struct is always there when you want that
type of information, but isn't it already required?  I can't remember (I'm
a newbie  :-)  )

Oh well, what do people think?  I might do this if you all think it could
be a good idea.  What about the time it takes to process the stuff?  Which
it normally faster?

Thanks all.

Mark Dickey

BTW, if my idea is really really stupid, please tell me why, that way I
know in the future.

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Angus Mezick wrote:

>      have you bothered to look in do_users?
>      act.wizard.c should be most helpful.
>      --Angus

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