Re: [CODE] obj_index undefined?

From: Taybin Rutkin (trutkin@BLACK.CLARKU.EDU)
Date: 11/24/97

>I just made some major changes to the code and when I recompiled I got a
>LOT of compiler errors.  That's ok.  I can understand most compiler errors.
> I went through them and got to one part where there were 3 errors on a
>single line.
>fight.c(545) : error C2065: 'obj_index' : undeclared identifier
>fight.c(545) : error C2109: subscript requires array or pointer type
>fight.c(545) : error C2224: left of '.virtual' must have struct/union type
>and here is line 545 of fight.c
>      if (GET_OBJ_VNUM(invobj) == GET_OBJ_VAL(weap_obj, 0)) {
>as you can see obj_index (which I believe to be the root of all my
>troubles) isn't on that line.  but it is in the define for GET_OBJ_VNUM().
>#define GET_OBJ_VNUM(obj)       (GET_OBJ_RNUM(obj) >= 0 ? \

What I'd check for is to make sure you included all those [] {} ().  Those
are the ones that tend to give bizzare errors halfway through the code
where you didn't change anything.

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