Re: [CODE] ARg these damn uilds be killin me!

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 11/25/97

> for(i=0;guilds[i].class != -1;i++)
>     if (GET_CLASS(ch) == guilds[i].class && world[ch->in_room].number ==
>     guilds[i].guild_room) {
>          found = TRUE;
>          continue;
>      }else
>         i++;

you're double incrementing it now :)..the i++ in the for loop takes care
of it, so you can get rid of the else part..also, you can probably break
out of the for loop once you've found the room and class, since logically
a person can't be in two rooms at once..and most likely won't have more
than one class..

that's about all that i saw was incorrecxt, though i'd do a couple things
different that i think i already told you about..


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