Gedit Code Update [WoS]

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 11/26/97

Just a quick status update on the guild code revamping. These general
functions need to be created:
void join_to_guild_offline(struct char_data *ch, struct guild_type *gptr);
int join_to_guild_petition(struct char_data *ch, struct guild_type *gptr);
void remove_from_guild(struct char_data *ch, struct guild_type *gptr);
void remove_from_guild_offline(struct char_data *ch, struct guild_type *gptr);
void add_guild(struct guild_type *gptr);
void remove_guild(struct guild_type *gptr);

And the following commands still need to be cleaned up in the interface:
the accept petitions, reject petitions, dismisses, demotes, promotes,
changes titles, offers, and reject offers. (*For greater flexibility the
interface will support two methods of recruiting: one whereby the player
petitions a guild and is accepted and another where a member of the guild
offers a position to a player. Either will work and can be left in or taken
out at a whim, as well as changing the amount of different types of guilds,
which I would plan on shipping as 3.*)

The following functions have been finished and are in use already in the
interface commands I have already redone:
void join_to_guild(struct char_data *ch, struct guild_type *g_info);
void remove_from_guild_petition(struct char_data *ch, struct guild_type
void list_guilds(struct char_data *ch, int gtype);
void send_to_guild(char *guild_message, struct guild_type *g_info);
int is_in_guild(struct char_data *ch, int gnum, int gtype);
int get_guild_id(char *gname);
char *get_guild_name(int gid);
struct guild_type *get_guild_ptr(char *gname);

Commands revamped in the interface at this time are: immortal joins,
petitions, guild talks, guild player lists and the list of all guilds.

Current ETA of a workable GenOLC-like guild patch: Monday Dec. 3rd in all

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