[System + Code] Circle under 95, with Gnu Win 32

From: Aaron Miller (archmage@CRYOGEN.COM)
Date: 11/26/97

Greetings, all. After an ISP change I have been absent from the list,
though I doubt anyone remembers me. I recently made a semi-port of Circle
to 95, but rather then using the Microsoft compiler, I used Gnu Win 32 (gcc
and many other *nix tools on a 32 bit OS). Perhaps I will release a
patch/instructions on doing this by ones self, at is not that difficult,
and I think most of us would rather use Gnu Win 32.

Now, I did not post this to spam you all with information about a minor
port you most likely don't care about. I also have a semi-neophyte coder
question. I recently have been working on including A Guild-type code in my
MUD. Everything is working wonderfully, but there is one thing that is
bothering me. A player must be in the room with the person they wish to
promote or demote, on my MUD, but an IMM can be anywhere. I have a check to
see if someone is in the room, but I need something that will search the
entire MUD, and make sure that player is on. Thanks.

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