[Help][Code] (2*) patch

From: Andy Hubbard (hub@LEICESTER.AC.UK)
Date: 11/27/97

Hi all,

 I have just installed Georges tersing patch and seem to have come
across a few problems :(

 In a few places stray (2*) appear.  I have debug on, and in one
instance the value 98 is the first number.
 I add

 && *twox != '\122'

but not a lot is fixed (i think 122 is the octal for 98 *scratch*)

also another number thrown out in the debug stage is 78
I add

&& *twox != '\096'

and on compile I get the warnings ...

multi character character constant
comparison is always 1 due to limited range of date type

It seems some of the fixes are working, others do not (I got rid of
the worst with a /050 ... which is decimal 40), but this is going
higher and higher over my head each compile!

Any ideas?


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