Re: Medit crash & memory wrappe

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 11/27/97

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Rasmus Ronlev wrote:

>I was certain I had gotten rid of all problems with medit crashing (and a
>lot of other *edit's *snicker*), at least I hadn't seen it happen on
>Exiled. So, now a weeks time or so ago, when some builder started working
>with the olc online it crashed on him when he used medit, and selected to
>save the changes he just did.

It's only when saving a newly created mobile internally that it shifts
memory around a lot.

>After playing a little with the mob edit portion of the olc I found out
>the olc only crashed when adding a NEW mobile and selecting to save this.
>As the Oasis-knowledgable of you probably know, the crash happens when the
>medit_save_internally() function free()'s mob_index and mob_proto (tried
>commenting either free() out, and crashed on both occasions.

I think you only have you comment out the one on top.

>I'm not much for the idea of commenting out the free()'s of both the
>mob_proto as well as the mob_index tables. I think not freeing memory when
>it should be freed sucks. Not to mention that it sucks not to find the
>fault causing the crash *grin*

Right, because you are destined to crash anyway.

>I've been on this list for a little while (hehe), so I was perfectly aware
>of Georges work with Oasis and the upgrade/patch/fixes he'd done. With
>that in mind I downloaded v1.5, v1.6 and v1.6a files and patches as well
>as the original (1.2/1.3) from the circle ftp site. Using the various
>files, diff and patch I converted all of the olc into v1.6a.

Good, I hate getting v1.3 bug reports, I say upgrade. :)

>Ok, now I was certain I would have NO PROBLEMS at all untill I would be
>old enough to retire, or at least get a great job with even better pay :)
>Ofcourse, since I'm writing this message, the same error occurs STILL!

In my experience, making a new mobile in medit is the single best way to
figure out if you have a memory problem ELSEWHERE in the code.

1) The MUD I (occasisonally) work on was crashing when creating a new I fixed the '! history patch' portion of the code and it
stopped crashing.

2) When running CircleMUD in mini-mud mode it was crashing when creating a
new mobile, it turned out the be the King's Castle writing to

So until I can be proven wrong (and I may very well be at some point), any
medit crashes are due to memory problems in other parts of your MUD. :)

Medit is kind of like saying 'assert(no_memory_problems())'

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