Re: [off-topic] MudCode fully written in c++??

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 11/27/97

Mathieu Nantel wrote:
> Is there a mud source that exists which is coded entirely in C++ and
> that can be compiled under win95??? Please send me links!

(Added off-topic to the subject, because it is)

There are several MUDs that are coded to take advantage of C++ features
(classes, etc.).  mud++ is written from scratch, the project started in
C++ and continues being written in C++, so it'd probably be cleaner
than a Circle converted to use classes, etc.  I know, however, that DG
(based on Circle) uses classes, etc. (and if I recall correctly, quite
effectively).  I don't remember where exactly you can download dg (it
might be on, but I doubt it).  mud++ you can get at
most major MUD ftp sites ( seems to be the popular one,
even though Derek Snyder [Snider?] runs it)...

daniel koepke /

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