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From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 11/29/97

On Saturday, November 29, 1997 4:19 PM, Doppleganger Software
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> >Create a tree in the code. This tree will list all spells as branches on
> >the
> >tree and thereby allow you to easily determine the prereqs for the spell,
> >or the bad affects if they don't have the prereqs.
> >
> >This also allows you to merely draw the tree, with the leaf objects that
> >the player 'knows' when they type allspells or whatever.
> >
> >I'm using something similar for skills, but not for spells, as I don't
> >have
> >magic on my mud...
> This is interesting, but can create problems.  What if a spell requires 2
> pre-requisites, some that are from other 'branches'?  It gets rather
> complex.


True enough But :-)

It does seem reasonable to have multiple trees. One for each 'discipline'. As
an example would be the 'colleges' that GURPS magic uses. Knowledge of
the college and the pre-req spells gives you the ability to learn spell 'x'

Nothing stops the spells in any given tree from using spells that are listed
in a different tree. The list of spells is flat, and the 'access system'
gives you
your prereqs easily. A simple human-editable text file stores the pre-reqs
and can be edited at any time when you have a new skill/spell or want to
modify.  You even get an automatically configured display ability too, as
the display just lists the trees to you however you want for imms/players.

I'm sure it's more dificult to code than the system you suggest. Perhaps
the system you suggest will be deemed 'best'. I originally designed mine
as an exercise in creating binary trees. Not many uses for those in the
kind of code I write for work, 'cept the NDS tree... But I won't go there on
the circle list :-)


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