Re: Individual Objects saving?

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 11/30/97

On Fri, 28 Nov 1997, Patrick J. Dughi wrote:

>        First, (and meaning no offense to JE), is it my imagination, or
>does most of the objsave.c code simply multiple levels of patches?  I'm

Never looked.

>having trouble following the tangled skein of function calls without a
>large printout and multi-colored highlighters.  It would  really help me

Does the cxref listing on the documentation project help?

>        How many people use the rent? It may be standard on many

I do.

>        I prefer ascii files because I can quickly check errors - because
>I'm lazy, they usually stay that way.   Not to reopen an old binary vs.
>ascii file thing,  but since its easiest to save objects as they are in
>the obj file, wouldn't this be the better choice?

Why not use OLC routines to save objects to disk if you do that?

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