Re: help please do_site command

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 11/30/97

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, Beyond Exiled wrote:

>basically it seems (player_table + i) dosent equal what is supposed to

Ugh, HTML, please don't.

>struct player_host_element *player_table;

Oooh..dangling nice. :)

>for (i = 0;i <<= top_of_p_table; i++) {

You do _not_ want <<=, that's bit-shifting, you want <= for less than or
equal to.

>if (!str_cmp((player_table + i)->host, arg)) {

player_table was never initialized after it was defined above.  If you want
a global linked list, you might want to look at how 'world' is handled.

>  if (!((player_table + i)->unix_name)) {

Yet another garbage pointer.

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