[Dumb Question] Poof Saves

From: Brian (brian@IMI-BOTTLING.COM)
Date: 02/27/98

I'm sure a fair number of you out there are familiar with the poof saves on
the snippet site, as well as any you've written yourself.

I've tried using all the variants of poof-saves I could find, and none
would save my poofin/poofout.  :(

However, if I look in my "players" file, I see my poofin/poofout saved in
that file.  Obviously there's a problem in the load routine (or a problem
saving to the right location).  Here's Rasdan's code from the snippet site:



In store_to_char,


ch->player.title = str_dup(st->title);


ch->player.poofin = str_dup(st->poofin);
ch->player.poofout = str_dup(st->poofout);

In char_to_store, below:

  if (GET_TITLE(ch))    strcpy(st->title, GET_TITLE(ch));
    *st->title = '\0';


  if (POOFIN(ch))
        strcpy(st->poofin, POOFIN(ch));
     *st->poofin = '\0';

  if (POOFOUT(ch))        strcpy(st->poofout, POOFOUT(ch));
        *st->poofin = '\0';


I can't figure it out...  No compiler warning or errors, and I can set my
poofin/out as normal and it works.  But alas, when I come back from
quitting, even if I type "save", it just doesn't load the poofin/out back
on me when I return. :(  Yet there it is in the "players" file just waiting
to be used... :)

Anyone have any words of wisdom on where I should start looking?

 - Brian

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