Re: [CODE] Events

From: Chuck Reed (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 03/02/98

>>In file included from event.c:4:
>>structs.h:1032: parse error before `socket_t'
>>structs.h:1032: warning: no semicolon at end of struct or union
>>structs.h:1063: parse error before `}'

The lines from 1032 - 1063:

struct descriptor_data {
   socket_t     descriptor;     /* file descriptor for socket           */
   char host[HOST_LENGTH+1];    /* hostname                             */
   byte bad_pws;                /* number of bad pw attemps this login  */
   byte idle_tics;              /* tics idle at password prompt         */
   int  connected;              /* mode of 'connectedness'              */
   int  wait;                   /* wait for how many loops              */
   int  desc_num;               /* unique num assigned to desc          */
   time_t login_time;           /* when the person connected            */
   char *showstr_head;          /* for keeping track of an internal str */
   char **showstr_vector;       /* for paging through texts             */
 int  showstr_count;          /* number of pages to page through      */
   int  showstr_page;           /* which page are we currently showing? */
   char **str;                  /* for the modify-str system            */
   char *backstr;             /* added for handling abort buffers     */
   size_t       max_str;                /*              -
   long mail_to;                /* name for mail system                 */
   int  prompt_mode;            /* control of prompt-printing           */
   char inbuf[MAX_RAW_INPUT_LENGTH];  /* buffer for raw input           */
   char last_input[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH]; /* the last input                 */
   char small_outbuf[SMALL_BUFSIZE];  /* standard output buffer         */
   char *output;                /* ptr to the current output buffer     */
   int  bufptr;                 /* ptr to end of current output         */
   int  bufspace;               /* space left in the output buffer      */
   struct txt_block *large_outbuf; /* ptr to large buffer, if we need it */
   struct txt_q input;          /* q of unprocessed input               */
   struct char_data *character; /* linked to char                       */
   struct char_data *original;  /* original char if switched */
struct descriptor_data *snooping; /* Who is this char snooping       */
   struct descriptor_data *snoop_by; /* And who is snooping this char   */
   struct descriptor_data *next; /* link to next descriptor             */
   struct olc_data *olc;             /*. OLC info - defined in olc.h   .*/

>>In file included from event.c:7:
>>comm.h:34: parse error before `desc'
>>comm.h:44: parse error before `sigfunc'
>>comm.h:44: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
>Probably RETSIGTYPE or socket_t.

code for lines 34-44:

int     write_to_descriptor(socket_t desc, char *txt);
void    write_to_q(char *txt, struct txt_q *queue, int aliased);
void    write_to_output(const char *txt, struct descriptor_data *d);
void    page_string(struct descriptor_data *d, char *str, int keep_internal);

#define SEND_TO_Q(messg, desc)  write_to_output((messg), desc)

#define USING_SMALL(d)  ((d)->output == (d)->small_outbuf)
#define USING_LARGE(d)  (!USING_SMALL(d))

typedef RETSIGTYPE sigfunc(int);

>>event.c: In function `run_events':
>>event.c:31: warning: passing arg 3 makes integer from pointer without a cast
>Have to post code for that one.


Chuck Reed

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