Re: [WIN95] Type mismatch

From: NetWind (netwind@HOME.COM)
Date: 03/17/98

I don't know why a UNIX type of a system doesn't send a warning. I do know
that MSVC4 allows you to change the settings on the compiler allowing it to
be more or less strict with the warnings and errors. I would assume MSVC5
has the same feature also. Because of hardware upgrades, I haven't
installed my compiler so I couldn't tell you exactly how to do this.


At 01:08 PM 3/16/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I decided to compile bpl12 under MSVC5 for the heck of it and
>play around with some of the functionality. With regards to the
>function char_to_room() I've noticed that there are several
>calls to this function that pass an integer for the location
>of the room the player is being moved to when the formal declaration
>of the parameter is room_vnum (which is typedef'd as a short integer).
>The compiler returns warnings on these and says that it supplied a
>conversion. Anyone know the reason why on a UNIX type system it doesn't
>give these warnings but on a WIN95 it does? I'm thinking that it may be a
>compiler flag but I'm just guessing.
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