[code] color code/dropped const pointer

From: Raven Jade Kenago (raventhorne@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 03/21/98

I'm using Jorgen Sigvardsson's color code snippet from
Alex Fletcher's site. When I compiled I got this warning: (warnings
are the enemy)

comm.c: In function `parse_color':
comm.c:705: warning: passing arg 1 of `count_chars' discards `const'
from pointer type

the relevant code:

void write_to_output(const char *txt, struct descriptor_data *t)
  int size;
  char *new_txt;

  new_txt = parse_color(txt, t);

char *parse_color(const char *txt, struct descriptor_data *t)

write_to_output gets a const char from send_to_char and send_to_q.
When it calls parse color it drops the const. This doesn't look to me
like it causes any problems, but are there any and either way, how do
I fix/get rid of that warning? If the warning is a non issue I'd still
like to know how to fix it, thanks for any insight..


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