Color Codes (more)

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 03/22/98

well, i've changed up the way I do color again.
(My builders are loving me for this *sarcasm*)

anyway, I changed it up where you can either
do &## (where ## is 00 through 99) or
&## (where ## is 00 through FF) just be changing a define.
of course all the conversions you'd hafta do for the object
mobs and world files would take awhile, it's still good
for up and starting muds.

I personally think it's much easier to do  &00 - &FF
because then the numbers are just background and foreground
&0A = 0 background  Bright(greater than 7 sets bold) Red(1) Foreground
because it's   10  decimal.
you have the 0 for background, 10 for foreground
anything >= 8 sets bold bit,  that makes 10 % 8 = 2
from there it's just the second color
       2nd color
0 black 1 red 2 green 3 yellow
it's much easier than most people think if you just use &00 - &FF.
to the point of my post.
does anyone know how to make the background bold? or is it just
against ANSI code to allow for bright backgrounds?
and before you say so, I have checked the snippet site's ANSI code
listing.  That's how I was able to make the first color conversion
to allow for 100 colors and how I was able to add in the ability for
256 colors.

I've tried doing   "\x1B[0;37;1;41m"
what that should do,
is give
0 - turn bold off (reset)
37 - light grey (that's what it looks like on my machine).
1 - turn bold on
41 - bright red background.
but instead it interprets the Bold as the bold for the foreground
and not the background (like I want)

would anyone have any ideas?
I'd appreciate them.
(btw, I wasn't going to use bright backgrounds often,
just maybe like in a word of WARNING)

Code On
Akuma the Raging Coder

PS-- if anyone would like to see my Hex color code, lemme know.

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