Volunteers needed for porting mudFTP

From: Erwin S. Andreasen (erwin@PIP.DKNET.DK)
Date: 03/22/98

Note: this is sent to all the Diku-derived mailing lists I know of.
Respond privately to me via email only please.

I have finished cleaning up the mudFTP v2 server/client source and now
need some volunteers to create patches for various MUD bases, and to port
the mudFTP client to non-Unix platforms. There is a java client that will
run on any java-capable platform (or in the browser) but it is rather

mudFTP is a server extension through which you can edit remote MUD text
entries (i.e. room descriptions, MOB programs, notes - whatever
string_append will edit) locally using your favorite editor. The mudFTP
server extension makes the MUD server listen on another port. The client
connects to that port, authorizes itself and then either requests a file
(the PULL mode) or waits (the PUSH mode).

In the latter mode, no support from the MUD client is required; one simply
runs the mudFTP client after one connects to the MUD and then whenever a
string is edited by you on the MUD, the MUD sends the text to the client
which then proceeds to spawn an editor.

The help I am looking for is:

1) Port of the client to Windows 95 and/or 3.1. This should be just one
executable file - no extra libraries required. A mini-GUI would be nice,
but a simple text screen would be fine.

That should not be too difficult - I have carefully separated all
system-dependent (networking, error reporting) routines into files
separate from the main code.

The client currently runs on Linux (but should probably compile on all
Unices with little difficulty).

2) Other platforms: Maybe Macintosh.

3) Patches for other MUD servers. I have prepared a reference patch which
is based on Mythran, which is basically Envy with OLC. The patch is
heavily commented. The volunteers would take a stock copy of their
preferred MUD (including, however, some interactive string editor, which
for MERC derivatives means OLC - I don't know what the equivalent is for
Circle), patch in and test the results.

Thus, the Circle port may prove more challenging than the others.

Contact me at erwin@pip.dknet.dk if interested. Please mention your
qualifications if I don't already know you. Currently there is a volunteer
for the ROM 2.4 port.

Erwin Andreasen   Herlev, Denmark <erwin@pip.dknet.dk>  UNIX System Programmer
<URL:http://www.abandoned.org/drylock/>     <*>         (not speaking for) DDE

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