CODE RELEASE: RoM Intermud 2.0

From: Shadowdancer (sg618lo@UNIDUI.UNI-DUISBURG.DE)
Date: 03/23/98

Realm of Magic Intermud release 2.0


  I proudly announce the release of version 2.0 of the Realm of Magic
Intermud Server code. There were major changes since the last release
and the major version number change is more than justified :)

  - the code is now more C++isher than before ;)
  - the greatest special feature of this code is:
    it has become protocol independent! If you have the need for a new
    protocol, because the mud of your best friend uses that one, simply
    add it :) in this basic package, the old circle intermud protocol
    developed by Tempus MUD and the LPMud protocol developed by Zebedee
    MUD are included.
  - code cleanups, easy interfaces for the classes, and more.

  You can download the sources at:


Chris, aka Christian@RealmOfMagic

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