Re: [NEWBIE] Stupid question

From: X Schiltz (joes@SKIPNET.COM)
Date: 03/24/98

On Tue, 24 Mar 1998, Jory Graham wrote:

> I want to go about adding another type of currency in the form of quest
> points.  I was wondering what i would need to do to get it to save on a
> character, and what functions i would need to change for shopkeepers to
> accept the currency. thanks.
> Jory

Stupid? No... "Reeks of not check it out for yourself?"(or something like
that which George said, not that I have some deep idealic admiration for
him) Yes. In a nutshell RTS, or as Obie-wan(sp) would put it, UTSL.

OK, pfile stuff? structs.h, add it under points.

I took a look through the files, think I found the answer to your second
question, but, I'll put three potential ones(I believe that only one is
the true one.) act.other.c, wizard.c, shop.c

Sorry...don't mean to flame, but I'm sure it's all documented, and what
isn't, isn't hard to find or guess(ie:the second question)

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