Re: [NEWBIE] Porting Win95 to Linux

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 03/26/98

> It it possible to take the C and H files from a win95 mashine to
> linux and compile it with Linux makefile and succeed, or do I have to
> redo the whole code? I have tried but I failed... I want to know if it
> goes and if it does, how you do it.

        You can try to copy the files over, run the configure tool, but
this does not always work (try from linux to a sun..bleh).  I recommend
that you get a new copy of circle, compile it in full on your machine, and
then copy over most (but not all) files... for example, conf.h.. maybe a
few others that you might have changed to get it to work with windows
specifically...sysdep.h probably as well.


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