Re: ascii pfiles v2.0

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 03/26/98

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, Patrick J. Dughi wrote:

>         Badly worded by me - implying that if I make a fatal change in
> mail, which causes some unforseen corruption, that the corruption would
> apply to the rest of an individuals file, and since any individual may
> have mail, it may affect all players. Otherwise, everyone just looses
> mail, which may be bad, but not soooo terribly bad.

Mail files will definitely be seperated by player.  The question is
whether to put mail in the pfiles, or just keep them in player mail files.

Just to clear up what I'm planning, here's option A (multiple file

file: lib/pfiles/s/samedi
<samedi's character info>

file: lib/rent/s/samedi
<samedi's saved objects>

file: lib/mail/samedi
<samedi's mail>

Option B (single file system)

file: lib/pfiles/s/samedi
<samedi's character info>
<samedi's saved objects>
<samedi's mail>

Either way, players are kept completely seperate.  I'm probably going to
go with the multiple file system because it's much easier, but if there's
enough support I'll consider going single file.


I'm finishing up the new and improved ascii pfile conversion.  I'd like to
do some beta testing on it before I get too deep into doing the rest of
the asciification.  There are a few things I'm sure aren't going to work
under Windows 95, so I'm looking for one or more people of moderate
technical ability to check it out and make changes to get it to compile.
People with other OS's who want to help with the bughunt are also welcome.

Features finished or in progress for ascii pfiles 2.0:

* Based on bpl12, or 13 if it comes out in the near future
* Bugfixes, including those listed on my web page, fixed "set file",
  proper handling of missing player index and player files, etc
* ^M's removed from player descriptions
* Removal of char_file_u structures
* Security against tildes in descriptions
* Automated pfile cleaner that removes old players on bootup
* Optional pfile backup system to save deleted players
* Use of file buffering for loads/saves


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