Centering text on the 80 column display

From: Chris Hyde (slugger@CRYOGEN.FERRIS.EDU)
Date: 03/26/98

Hello there...
        I am trying to write a function that will center a string of text
in an 80 column display.  I was wondering if anyone else has attempted
something such as this, and if so, wondered if you could give me some help
in getting mine to work.  I have checked the CircleMUD ftp site and
numerous snippets and resource pages, but have found nothing like what I
am looking for.  Also, I couldnt find anything in the existing code that
does what I want.  If you happen to know of a location where I can find
something similar to this, I would appreciate finding out about it.
        I wanted to post the generic question before actually posting the
code I have, in order to communicate on a more personal level with anyone
that can help me.  This way, my question won't bother anyone that is not
interested. ;)
        Thanks ahead of time for any help you can offer.

Llewelyn of Erendor

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