Re: ascii pfiles v2.0

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 03/27/98

On Thu, 26 Mar 1998, Jonathan Barrett wrote:

> Just an idea, but could this be another option?
> Option C (multiple file system)
> file: lib/pfiles/s/samedi.plr
>   <samedi's character info>
> file: lib/pfiles/s/samedi.obj
>   <samedi's saved objects>
> file: lib/pfiles/s/
>   <samedi's mail>
> I think that might be a little bit easier organization, or maybe I'm
> just being constructively lazy...

That's another possibility.  It would tend to fill up your directories if
you've got a big player base, though.  When you get up over 1000-1500
players, it gets a bit messy since you'd have over double the files in
each directory (assuming one rent file per player).

I'm open to all suggestions.  If others prefer this method, I'll be happy
to adopt it.  If I use the multiple file/multiple directory method (which
seems very likely at this point), it will be easy enough to convert to the
above.  I'll add an optional suffix definition so all you'd have to do to
get the above would be to edit the following in db.h from:

#define         PFILE_PREFIX    "pfiles"
#define         RENT_PREFIX     "rent"
#define         MAIL_PREFIX     "mail"

#define         PFILE_SUFFIX    ""
#define         RENT_SUFFIX     ""
#define         MAIL_SUFFIX     ""


#define         PFILE_PREFIX    "pfiles"
#define         RENT_PREFIX     "pfiles"
#define         MAIL_PREFIX     "pfiles"

#define         PFILE_SUFFIX    ".plr"
#define         RENT_SUFFIX     ".obj"
#define         MAIL_SUFFIX     ".ml"

How's that sound?


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