Re: Dice rolls

From: Jonathan Barrett (mizzrym@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 03/27/98

JB>> While I was making a function to tell you how many die with how
JB>> many sides are needed to get an average of X and a range of x, I
JB>> began to wonder about the die system in general.  Why does circle
JB>> use the die system at all?  Wouldn't it be easier to just pick a
JB>>random number between x and X?

N> actually, they aren't the same, with dice rolls, the roll will most
N> likely be around the average, however with the entirely random (10,
N> 30), there is an even distribution all the way across the board,  N>
ie, your chances of getting a 20 are the same as getting a 10.   N> With
a dice roll, the values will tend more towards a bell curve i N> think
(jeez stat was a long time ago), but thats really the reason N> for

Yeah, I figured the bell curve was the main reason dice were used.  I
just thought it might be easier on the builders if they could simply
choose an average damage and a range when they make the weapon, and that
was the whole point of making my dice parser function. But the die
system adds the capability of making it more/less often roll the average
so I think it would be best to keep the dice system.

Thanks for the input.

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