[OLC] [NEWBIE?] Oasis Compilation problem

From: Jesse Scott (jscott@BMI.NET)
Date: 03/27/98

I'm having trouble getting OasisOLC v1.5 to compile on Circle30bpl12.
I've tried both patch < and overwrite methods to a stock circle
install.  Both produced lots of .rejs.  The OS is Linux and the compiler
is GNU CC 2.7.2 I believe.  Was Oasis 1.5 written for bpl11 or
something?  If so, is there an upgrade for bpl12? (It was recommended
that I use Oasis 1.5 and not 1.6.)  Sorry if this is kind of a newbie
question but I've looked alot for an answer to this.  (BTW, I would
prefer it if I could get any upgrades etc, in .gz (or .tar.gz) because I
do not have bzip2 installed and it is a real pain to get something like
that approved etc by our ISP.  Thanx in advance.

Jesse Scott, Assistant DB Admin, HTML Writers Guild
jscott@bmi.net -- http://www.bmi.net/jscott/
ObsidianMUD Implementor -- http://www.bmi.net/jscott/omud/

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